This blog is a place where I park my musings about life. Life as an ad agency owner, a father, husband, and now grandfather, and as a citizen of the universe overall.

It’s also about making it through life’s hard times. They come to all of us.

I wrote a book called No Ordinary Joe. That’s the name of the blog.  The book takes a life that was lived long ago, and compares it to the lives you and I live today.

Joseph (“Joe”) is a character from Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible. His young life was wrecked by his brothers who sold him into slavery.  From that unlikely position, he gained enough favor despite continued undeserved setbacks and attacks to become the second most powerful man in the world of his time. It offers hope for you and for me.

Meantime, I hope you find through this blog that you, indeed, are no ordinary Joe.

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